1. Select a class of your choice. Each class costs 5€.

2. Fill out the form.

3. Payment:

Via Bank transfer to: 

La Caixa IBAN ES46 2100 0644 5002 0025 0893

or by Paypal to Noemí's account.
After payment, send or forward a proof payment (a screenshot or confirmation email) of your transaction to

4. Go to:

Meeting ID: 757 761 1399

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Indicate your FULL NAME when entering.

Every Friday in April at 7pm (Spanish time) you can take an online class given by Dexter Santos via Zoom. Check out the class schedule for this month for more information.

FRIDAY April 24

Blues music has a wide and varied range of rhythms that produce different styles of dances. One of the distinct rhythms in Blues music is the shuffle beat in which a variety of dances can be applied such as the Texas Shuffle, the Piedmont Triple Step, and the Chicago Triple Step. We’ll first delve into the music that inspires these dances and then apply the proper footwork, movement, and partner connection to express the distinct style of these individual dances to the music they are danced to.
Each class: 7

The classes will be taught via Zoom, a platform where the teacher can see you, give you feedback, and where you can ask questions live. You can also see the rest of your classmates and they can see you. If you do not want to be seen, you can always deactivate your camera at any time. You will receive a protected link to access the classes.

What do you need?
1) An internet connection.
2) A computer with a camera and microphone (recommended to see it better) OR a mobile phone (Smartphone) OR a tablet (for the latter two, you will have to download the Zoom app).
3) Some floor space at home to move and adequate light to be seen well.