Dexter Santos Week!
Del 30 de març al 3 d'abril

Dimarts de 20h a 21.30h - BLUES DANCE TRAINING

Prepare your body and mind to move to the Blues through warm-ups, exercises, as well as concepts you can apply to your movement. Think of this as a training class for Blues dancers that will cover techniques to help you train your body and mind to apply the necessary aesthetics and mindset in Blues movement and expression.


1 taller: 25€

2 Tallers: 45€

3 Tallers: 65€ 

4 Tallers: 85€ 

5 Tallers: 100€ 

Dimarts de 21.30h a 23 - SOLO BLUES MUSICALITY

I Ain’t Got Nothin’ But The Blues *musicality, character, storytelling, expression Find and create your own unique style and voice, whether socially or on the performance floor! Dexter shares his knowledge, experience, and thoughts on dancing solo to the Blues! Learn Dexter’s approach to a song, how he makes choices in his physical expression, and the tools he uses in creating an honest and artistic interpretation of the music. We'll also tackle the "sexy" stereotype that Blues often receives and explore its place in the music and dance, alongside other emotions.

Dimecres de 19h a 20.30h - TRIPLE STEP BLUES INTENSIVE

Blues music has a wide and varied range of rhythms that produce different styles of dances. One of the distinct rhythms in Blues music is the shuffle beat in which a variety of dances can be applied such as the Texas Shuffle, the Piedmont Triple Step, and the Chicago Triple Step. We’ll first delve into the music that inspires these dances and then apply the proper footwork, movement, and partner connection to express the distinct style of these individual dances to the music they are danced to.

Dijous de 21h a 22.30h - SAVOY WALK

A Ballroomin’ Blues Idiom Dance The Savoy Walk is based from the Harlem dancers' interpretation of a traveling ballroom dance. Coupled with the raw athleticism of Lindy Hop and their own vernacular dance, these dancers created their own distinct style of Blues dancing in the Savoy Ballroom. In this class, we'll cover basic posture, connection, traveling across the floor, and fun step patterns.

Divendres de 21h a 22.30h - THE BLUES AESTHETIC

What is the Blues aesthetic and how do you apply it in your movement? How does this aesthetic relate to the music and in your own body? In this class we'll identify some key elements of the aesthetic and learn to apply them to our dance. The goal of this class is for you to produce dynamic movement that has a clear and defined Blues aesthetic.